Dec. 12th, 2010

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All the controversy (if you could call it that) was making him all the more anxious.

Minato was kind enough to give him a hop, and not before long, Matt was back in New York. One of the 'home sweet home's. He glanced down at the sheet of the paper which held Mello's address, lifted his goggles and squinted.

It was strange-- a little too surreal. He looked down at his phone, and went through the contacts. 'Went through', was a poor choice of wording - there was only one person in there.


So the question now was, if he dialed the number, would Mello answer? It didn't matter. The only option was to knock on the door, and impatiently twist the handle. If all went right, it would be locked and take Mello just a few seconds and a yell to get the door.

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