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Dec. 25th, 2009 05:24 pm
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Christmas is lame this year, man. Mello, you owe me funtimes when you get back, yo. Totally.

The community works in mysterious ways. You all get your gifts? I know I know, you're touched.
That's hard earned money going to you wingnuts.

So if you've made an impression on Matt, he actually got you a gift. Chances are your gift are just a part of his trollan, but it's because he loves to fucking troll you you.

Mello; got amazing chocolate things. The best chocolate, of course because there's no slackin here.

Naoto; yours will probably be late because Matt can't troll you too hard and like he did with Mello, he's probably actually looking not just going "LOL THIS."

Phoenix; you got your own games! Haha do with them what you will but he totally got them for you. Just to be an ass.

Prussia; you're getting a "technology for dummies" book. May it be put to good use.

Kanako: enjoy your lesbian porn and tissues 8)b big sister brother loves you.

Apollo; you got yours too - because you need them.

Lyle; hope you like pokemon plushies. You're getting them. Minun and Plusle for you [ because of that virus... ]

Michael; he doesn't know but probably something douchey too ): because you're his notbro.

Birkin; you're getting a stuffed bear. Because Matt is a jerk. :)

Wesker; you remind him of an octopus. Enjoy your stuffed octopus. And don't ask questions.

got fucking cookies. Because he needed them.

Everyone else he's made 'connections' with is getting cookies too haha "because nothing says christmas like shoving your face with good shit."
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