Sep. 1st, 2010 03:02 am
quicksavensmoke: winter. blue tinted world. fuzzy. warmth in the cold. (lone : frost bite)
[personal profile] quicksavensmoke
This place? Wow. Sort of sucks.
Running low on ALL my goddamn batteries.

It's cold, and my nose and feet and fingers all feel the same -- which is like nothing because I'm so damn numb.
Talk about numbing the pain away.

How does Albel survive wearing skirts and tube tops? I'm wearing my 'best' for winter (laughing forever) and I'm still damn cold.
It's the end of fucking summer back home for gods sake! Christ.

Oh well. Hope you all are you know, having fun. With your technology. I don't even have service out here. Fuck!
Hope Albel knows where to find cigarettes-- oh god-!
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