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Since Matt's hacking skills are over nine-thousand, this has to be done whether or not you may give two shits.

What this means, is that anything that's hackable (privates, locked, etc) he can hack. No matter how strong, no matter who it's to, Matt can find a way to hack into it. He's boss like that and a sneak? Okay.  However he's just not going to hack... any and everything but if something piques his interest? You bet.

SO, comment here if you please at your leisure or whatever 8)  and let me know if it's okay to hack your posts, or definitely not okay to hack into your private world ♥ Wouldn't want to over step our boundaries would we~?


this should be said too while we're in permissions. Matt's an epic gamer. Meaning he's played just about any and every major game (at least) especially Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Devil May Cry, etc you should get the point. So if your character is from a video game (lets make that any video game to be safe) and you do or don't want Matt to know something specific about your character or relations with a character -- things like that? Please do let me know.

Nothing worse than having your character have a mental breakdown because they found out something horrible right 8)

SO~ thanks! Also if you don't wanna comment drop, I'm available through PM and AIM at Volgin Pwnz J00 8)b

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