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What a drag. The perk to today (or the past weeks) was having a full candy stock and maybe a 'warm fuzzy' or two -- from the latest 'love is everywhere' bullshit commercial.

"Right, if you're willing to spend five dollars on a card.." it was another boring day, and the hearts and pink and lace and over-pushed madness was getting old.

"Ask me what love is--" Matt flicked the channel on mute and shook his head as he lit up (another) cigarette.  "Nicotine." he breathed out the words as the smoke moved around him. Slumping, he grabbed his phone and while draining his cigarette of it's remaining life, started to text probably, the only person in his phone. Saved, anyway.

I'm bored, r u close by? There's chocolate n the deal for u - of course. :)
-- Sent.

Mello. Without a doubt, the only person Matt would want to spend Valentine's day with (or... any day, to be fair), and would be more than happy to show it. No shame here, however it was often translated.

Matt pulled his goggles back down, lit up another cigarette and held it between his lips as he settled back into 'gaming mode' as he waited for the buzz from his phone.

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